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Subject: L'Incoronazione di Illary, (Acts 1&2)
From: Steve Charitan <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:[log in to unmask]
Date:Wed, 30 Jun 1999 22:56:16 EDT

text/plain (72 lines)


Treatment for a proposed Favola in Musica

Prologue:  New York City

A hushed prelude depicts dawn over Central Park as a crowd gradually begins
to gather in front of the 5th Avenue entrance of the Plaza Hotel.  An opening
chorus of street people  and other indigent types are being prodded by
Federal Troops to implore Illary to run as Senatoressa for the State of New
York. (O Somma Illary...sia gloria e onor!).  They are soon joined by media
crews from the major networks who take up the cry of  "Perche tarda la Prima
Donna?  Mostrati!", as slowly the great polished brass doors of the Plaza
open to reveal a phalanx of dark suited Secret Service agents warning the
crowd to be silent ("Silenzio ola! Laggiu chi parla?).  Striding confidently
from the glittering lobby onto center stage, Illary begins her cavatina "O tu
Manhatta, terra adorata..."  extolling the virtues of the city she hopes will
soon adopt her.  The prologue ends amid jubilant cries of "Viva" as the
populace acclaims Illary as their new Senatoressa.

Act 1, Scene 1 - The Senate Ladies Room, near the main chamber

With her handmaiden, Ines in attendance, Illary is seen violently pacing the
floor just outside the stalls, practicing her opening remarks as Senatoressa.
 Deciding that her first official pronouncement should be to clear the room
of all dissenters she declaims "Tutti uscite!  E ogni soglia sia chiusa
all'audace..."  On Ines' advice however she reconsiders this, (No, cosi non
va bene...) and in a charming duet, "Pace e Gioia sia con voi..." both
resolve that Illary's  best strategy at this point would be to feign humility.

Act 1 Scene 2 - The Senate Chamber

As the Senators file into the chamber, the spectators in the gallery sing a
hymn welcoming the newest member of  this august body:  "Diecimila anni al
nostra senatoressa!"    It is a festive day since Illary, sposa del
Presidente, former Principessa di Illinois, and Contessa di Arkansas,  is to
be invested as Senatoressa di New York.

Illary enters and sings  her Grand Aria "Io son l'umile ancella del Genio
Politico..." concealing from her colleagues and the people who elected her,
her true motivations.  This is followed by an introspective cabaletta, "Ah
Billy a me ritorna..." in which she hopes the attainment of power in her own
right will make her again attractive to the wandering eye of her errant

For members of the V.R.W.C. (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) however, the mood is
anything but optimistic.  The act ends on a sinister note with the chorus
"Illary viene, e la stella di New York sbigottita si copre d'un velo..."

Act 2 - A secluded glade near the Potomac.  Night.

La Duchessa, a once noble lady, now scorned by her royal relations, comes on
the scene in agitation.  Though she is at last free of all constraints, her
diminished status causes her great humiliation as she reveals in "Acerba
Volutta."  She has come to meet her new lover, Gualtier Malde, who is
actually Guglielmo, Presidente degli Stati Uniti, in disguise.  While waiting
for him to appear, she sings the Romanza "O mio Gualtiero" which is overheard
by Illary who quickly hides herself in the shrubbery.   Illary, it seems, has
come to the same spot to meet un' abbietta zingara, Azutrippa, who claims to
have papers she is willing to sell that could incriminate the new
senatoressa.  Guglielmo, disguised as Gualtiero rushes in proclaiming "Pur ti
riveggo, mia dolce Duchessa..." and the two sing a rapturous duet.  No longer
able to conceal her rage, Illary reveals herself by launching  the trio
"Trema per te falso marito" vowing revenge on her again unfaithful husband.
In counterpoint, La Duchessa and Guglielmo swear eternal love as long as it
suits their  respective personal agendas.  The scene ends when in her
confusion, Azutrippa arrives only to fall headlong into the Potomac where she
is liquidated upon coming into contact with water.  She expires in a cloud of
sulfur, but not before singing her aria di morte "La fatal acqua sovra me si

Act 3 & Epilogue to follow....

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