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Subject: Re: Opera Newzzzzzzzz
From: A Katalin Mitchell <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:A Katalin Mitchell <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 13 Feb 2018 08:58:37 -0500

text/plain (122 lines)

Reading all these posts gave me the impulse to walk over to my 20 years of Opera News sitting tightly packed on several shelves and randomly pick out an issue - first from 2004 with Juan Diego Florez making his first performance at the MET, and then to 1994 with a grey haired plump cherub-faced Dima sitting on the steps of the MET lobby as he made his debut there.  I could not put them down... one fascinating article after another, it is making me late for work! .... So I have to put my forlorn ten cents in as well... stopped subscribing two years ago out of sheer frustration over what this marvelous publication had become.  Just part of a changing world around us.

´╗┐On 2/12/18, 11:13 PM, "Discussion of opera and related issues on behalf of G. Paul Padillo" <[log in to unmask] on behalf of [log in to unmask]> wrote:

    Everything seems to run its course, and Opera News is no different than anything else.  I 
    still subscribe and enjoy it, though admittedly, mostly for the reviews and the online feature 
    and searches for older issues.  
    Even the current issue has points of interest, a good read on Bernstein and his opera 
    "career," with a nice memory of the '72 "Carmen" (which I fell in love with through the book 
    "The Carmen Chronicles").  It also has a couple of fun photos not frequently seen - 
    Bernstein at the piano putting Callas and Barbieri through the paces of "Medea,"; Calllas 
    and Lenny sipping coffee; and more. 
    While we dismay the magazine is not what it once was, the same can be said of this list, as 
    other forums become more pronounced and appealing to different demographics.  I often do 
    a little exercise where I look at the number of posts in a day e.g., today there have been 33 
    so far (which is a fairly high number these days). and compare it to five years ago today 
    with 53. posts . . . then and 15 years ago - 79.   Go back further just a few years and some 
    of us old will remember getting notice the threshold for the day (100 posts) had been met 
    and our post would have to wait until "tomorrow."
    No, the magazine ain't what she used to be, but I I won't give up Opera News, just as I 
    won't give up Opera-L - each has remained a staple and major part of my life, (Opera News 
    by several more decades) and there is much to learn, enjoy if one is willing 
    And now for a moment (or two) of Bad American Poetry.  You're welcome.
    O what shall we do with our old Opera News?
    Lay them down as protection for shining our shoes?
    Or make colorful linings for an animal's cage,
    Or mit scissors und glue gun make art (quite the rage!)
    Create collages of singers by name or by voice;
    Castle, Guyer and Olson neath the singular name "Joyce"
    Read articles about Schipa, Pipo or Martinelli
    Laugh at shots of John Falstaffs - Colzani with belly!
    Then there's Sills' Thais cover all filmy . . . risque
    (The one where in "Meditation" she danced a ballet!)
    Or the Voice of the 70's, Miss K. Riaccerelli,
    Radiantly described as a live Botticelli.
    One might find old issues addressed  to "Mrs. Fritz Reiner" 
    Or read of an opera inspired by Max Steiner
    Or tributes aplenty filled with rantings and raves
    Of singers who made splashes - and those who made waves.
    There's the covers with Placido numbering many,
    Or a raincoated Stratas, smoking as Jenny
    A small handful with divo, Roberto Alagna
    Who found fame slingin' pizza (or was it lasagna?)
    When home sick with the flu and just barely awake
    Reach into that box and some back issues take,
    Then down ol' Memory Lane for hours you'll stroll
    And realize opera's far cooler than mere rock 'n roll.
    I search out reviews tucked away in the back
    Scouring always for works off the well beaten track
    Jongleur . . . Cid . . . Esclarmonde - by my man, Massenet
    Maxwell Davies's Lighthouse - and more mystery plays.
    Reports 'round the globe from venues exotic 
    And dozens of photos some deemed too erotic;
    Like Rich Bernstein in speedos or Zach Stains all bare 
    Or that Tahu Rhodes guy in "The End of the Affair."
    Old issues when displayed can be quite ornamenta,l 
    And lead us down paths we may find sentimental.
    They're a treasure for some while for others, verbotten!
    Some linger in memory, others best forgotten.
    But take just a moment and ask "where'd I be"
    Sans insights by Innaurato or Father Owen Lee?
    Or those monthly schedules from Berlin to Taipei?
    Or that case of the giggles caused by Tucker's toupee?
    Reports on La Callas funding babies' free milk,
    Who sang like a goddess, while swathed in raw silk,
    And too short-lived features like one, "Notebook" by Kellows 
    Or dozens of other rants by prepossessed fellows.
    Reports on : Milanov, Tebaldi and Price,
    Complaints 'bout the State Theater's acoustic device
    Complaints about "format" and those  "too many ads",
    Or insane views that Rossini and Handel were "fads."
    So, what shall we do with our old Opera News's?
    One makes a decision, one thinks, then one chooses
    We can throw them away, cry "there's no room to store"
    But you might just miss them when they are no more.
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