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Subject: Re: when any career ends in disgrace
From: Olga Bourlin <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Olga Bourlin <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Mon, 1 Jan 2018 11:58:21 -0800

text/plain (129 lines)

Kiwi:* "Sadly, I enter 2018 completed jaded and disillusioned."*

I understand, Kiwi, considering that it's 2018 (2018!) and we should be
further along.

As well, I like to keep things in perspective. We need to remember that *not
quite 50 years ago *(1968!) many Americans had such delicate emotional and
intellectual sensibilities that the mucky mucks of the Big Three television
networks worried  about putting interracial touching (touching!) on TV.

*“Petula touched Harry's forearm during the duet and made TV history. It
was the first time a white woman had touched a black man on US television.”*

However it's sliced and diced, on social progress in the US ... we
nevertheless managed to have come a Long Way, Baby.

On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 9:38 AM, Kiwi <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Used to be that guilty people were appropriately punished, but it seems to
> me in the last decade or so a double standard has been set which allows
> certain people to commit crimes and not have any sort of penalty lodged
> against them.  I think we can all remember news stories of people who, by
> objective standards, were guilty and yet for societal, political, or
> financial reasons were never required to face punishment.  Oh, a few
> egregious folks serve as exceptions and examples but arguably, if you are a
> 'special' person (for any number of reasons), justice may not be served
> when you are caught.  Justice has a peculiar way, at present, of finding
> loopholes for a heck of lot of illegal / immoral activities.  I do believe
> that is one of the growing inequalities in our nation.
> As for Levine, I understand music is an emotional component in a person's
> life and perhaps that emotional connection allows an individual to
> establish separate sets of standards for Levine's (and others) conduct.
> I'm not one of them but I do understand how personal pleasure can cause
> someone to ignore the damage done to others by Levine.  After all, if I
> derive pleasure from something, and I am a good person, then how can it
> possible be wrong?
> I think, perhaps, we would all be surprised by a lot of what goes on
> within the music (or entertainment) business that never makes it to press
> but is sordid and untidy and immoral and crass.  And, to disagree with Les,
> I don't think management is held responsible, even when they are clearly
> involved with, at minimum, cover-up.  The Met Board and Met Management is a
> perfect example:  if the stories are correct and these folks have been
> operating behinds the scenes to clean up after Levine and silence the
> victims for decades, and Gelb knew about the latest dust-up for a year and
> sat on it hoping it would shrivel up and blow away, should they be
> punished?  Instead, they will close around each other and use their
> considerable political and financial clout to remain 'clean.'  You getter
> believe the lawyers have already figured how to play the get out of jail
> card for them.
> Sadly, I enter 2018 completed jaded and disillusioned.
> Kiwi
> -----Original Message----- From: Les Mitnick
> Sent: Monday, January 01, 2018 11:30 AM
> To: [log in to unmask]
> Subject: when any career ends in disgrace
> i cannot understand the notion that it's only a sexual indiscretion that
> can result in a
> dismissal.  That's sheer lunacy.  I can assure you that if someone like
> the General Manager,
> the President of the Board, or even a famous singer were found to have
> made big money off
> a Ponzi scheme, they'd be dismissed as well.  If anyone who held such a
> position was
> discovered to be "money laundering", they'd also be fired.  I mean, let's
> be honest
> everybody, Bernie Madoff is not exactly living a life of honor and glory.
> He's a son of a
> bitch without a conscience and deserved exactly what he got.  We're not
> comparing crimes
> here.  All "perps" who commit crimes that inflict emotional or physical
> suffering on others
> are beneath contempt.  I do not for a moment "move the needle" on this
> point.
>     I found the article by that Sved fellow to be pathetic.  I can admire
> and respect Mr.
> Levine's accomplishments as a musician, but as a human being, NEVER.  I
> cannot listen to
> the voices of Tiana Lemnitz and Maria Mueller without them turning to
> poison in my ears.
> I won't spend a penny on a Mel Gibson film, and nor would I give Steve
> Bannon a moment
> of my time.
>    From my point of view, it's like asking for forgiveness and redemption
> for Don Michael
> Corleone, Bernie Madoff, or even Charles Manson. We will never know the
> full extent or
> depth of Mr. Levine's indiscretions, but we know enough -MORE than enough
> --  that's more
> than sufficient to taint his legacy forever.
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