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Subject: Re: election petition - the valid one - Comments
From: Don <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Don <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Fri, 11 Nov 2016 04:52:52 -0700

text/plain (121 lines)

This is an opera group.   I am insulted and incensed that you would use
this as your personal soapbox.  I imagine most of us are fed up with the
past interminable election campaigns as it is.  What on earth made you put
this political harangue here?  Disiplay your concerns in the right place.
Write to your Congressmen if you have issues with the way elections are run
and won in this country.  It does no good to bother us, other than to
incite more anger.    Please don't tell me to just delete emails like this
as lately people have been using operatic subjects in messages that do not
pertain to opera.

On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 4:02 AM, David H Spence <[log in to unmask]>

> I do not sign on, that is, on behalf of somebody both winning the popular
> vote and losing in the Electoral College, but for several reasons this time
> that the EC failed to function as it should, which it rarely ever does.  I
> also
> chafe at the legacy of Senator and our 36th POTUS LBJ of the state of
> Texas being in effect overturned by a vulgar mouthed, contemptuous
> demagogue, even towards overturning an amendment bearing his name,
> instead of banning our religious liberties in this country, better
> protecting
> them.
> Our nation's founders installed the EC in the interest of protecting our
> people from both mob rule and our individual, smaller, often more rural
> states towards their having a fair and proportional say in our election
> process in this country.  Winner-takes-all has a precedent in the heritage
> of
> our founders, but one that is weak - only three states that opted for this
> in
> 1789.  Those many occasions, national elections during which winner-take-
> all has served our people well, let both it and the simplicity of its
> format do
> its job.  For approximately forty-two states of our Union, it still has
> worked
> this time, but however for eight, all with ten or more votes in the EC,
> apparently it may not have had - while addressing the specter of voter
> intimidation and also the overturning, very in-Constitutional of essential
> features of the VRA(Voting Rights Act) that LBJ got passed fifty years
> ago.
> It was also not abiding by the rule of law for Clinton crony Governor
> McAuliffe to extend voting rights to a high arbitrary number of felons in
> his
> state (VA), but there were minor abuses from the other side of the aisle as
> well apparently, plus cancellation of their privileges would have not
> anywhere nearly quite flipped the state back to red. In conclusion, an
> invocation to the electors in eight states to transition over to
> proportional
> voting to shift at least nearly fifty EC votes to flipping to blue, except
> should Michigan come in favorably for the former first lady, approximately
> forty from among seven states  to flip the same way.  Those seven most
> likely would or might include Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio,
> Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona.
> Measures toward a censure of McAuliffe or perhaps even impeachment
> would also perhaps strengthen the argument we strive to make with this
> petition to further lift our striving, our efforts well above an insipid
> level of
> partisan bickering.  Calling for the wholesale abolition of the Electoral
> College accomplishes nothing; it would be most favorable for the health of
> our cause to remove from even this website any advocacy for that cause,
> as it can and should bear no fruit.  Thanks for hearing me out.
> David H Spence
> make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19
> P,S.  For how much I utterly despise the Clintons, their foundation, their
> legacy I almost hemorrhage at even the idea of posting this. Given
> however the perils we face, not to mention a healthy continuation of their
> legacy in a way to get Orange into office instead - not much of a change in
> a few ways.
> Furthermore it better protects the rule of law, our election process, even
> the very way our Constitutional republic historically was set up to have
> done so.  in regards to the Clintons and their corruption, I trust or at
> least
> hope I can trust our people to be able to walk and chew gum at the same
> time- can't we?  Hardly at all any help we can trust to have or get from
> Susan Collins (R - Maine) however.
> Let's also keep our police and peaceful demonstrators on our streets in our
> thoughts and prayers during this very fraught and anxious time.
> David H Spence
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