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Subject: Fledermaus/Hotter/04 Anniversaries/Happy New Year
From: Gerald Waldman <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Gerald Waldman <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 30 Dec 2003 01:33:26 -0500

text/plain (238 lines)

For those on Opera-l who live in the Boston/Cambridge area or can tune into
WHRB, 95.3 FM via the internet (WHRB.ORG), a special OPERA ALERT for the
last day of 2003.   Also, for those who love great musicians giving sublime
interpretations of magnificent masterpieces of music, WGBH, (89.7
FM/ will be playing Schubert's last great piano sonata in B flat
major, D. 960, featuring a very rare recording of the extraordinary
pianist/musician, Annie Fischer (who could make the piano sing) on Sunday,
1/4/04 at 11:15 A.M.  I was very privileged to see the inestimable Annie
Fischer play this great Schubert masterpiece of the piano literature live at
Symphony Hall and I have never forgotten the soulful beauty she brought and
how many of us were so moved to tears by her sublime interpretation that we
could not get up afterwards.

David Elliott will host a "Special New Year's Evening from Vienna", from
5:00 - 10:00 P.M., which will start with great historic operetta recordings
from 5:00 - 6:30 PM, and then he will play the wonderful GALA London
recording of Strauss's Die Fledermaus, with the Vienna Philharmonic,
conducted by Herbert Von Karajan, with the incredible party scene with that
star-studded ensemble of all of those guest singers!:  Renata Tebaldi,
Fernando Corena, Birgit Nilsson, Mario del Monaco, Teresa Berganza, Joan
Sutherland, Jussi Bjorling, Leontyne Price, Giulietta Simionato, Ettore
Bastianini and Lluba Welitsch!  Something not to be missed.  If you have not
heard this marvelous recording, which also stars the enchanting Hilde
Gueden, Walter Berry, the delightful Regina Resnik, Erica Kuntz, and
Eberhard Wachter in the major roles, it is one of the best, and as far as I
know the only Special Gala Recording with all of these delightful guest
artists at the party in Act 2.  Some of their selections are unforgettable.
Nilsson sings "I could have danced all nacht" and interpolates a dazzling
high C!  Simionato and Bastianini sing  a hysterical rendition of "Anything
you can do I can do better" from Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun.  Leontyne
Price sings Summertime, Jussi Bjorling sings "You are my hearts delight"
(maybe his last recording), Welitsch sings Vien, (listen to how Regina says
Oh Lluba!) Tebaldi sings Vilya, Sutherland sings "Il Bacio", etc.

WHRB will also be playing historic Rossini after the Barbiere broadcast on
1/3, historic Massenet after the 1/10 Werther broadcast (hopefully some
Schipa and Thill!) and will be playing Hotter throughout the month
culminating with an all day tribute from 12:30 P.M. to Midnight on Sunday,

Does anyone know whether some of Hans Hotter's great Verdi arias committed
to disc are available presently on CD, such as King Phillip's great aria
"Dormiro sol nel manto mio regal" from Verdi's Don Carlo.  WHRB would like
to feature some of these Verdi arias, and other scenes such as Boris' death
scene, but they have been unable to find these on any available recordings.
I also know that he starred as a superb Basilio with Wunderlich, Prey and
Kuntz in Barbiere in Munich.  Hotter loved comedy and regretted that he had
few opportunities to portray comic roles.   If you know, please let us know
where we can find these recordings.

Important 2004 Anniversaries:

It was asked about other 2004 Anniversaries.  Here are some not mentioned.


Tenor, James Melton, born January 2, 1904
Actor/Dancer, Ray Bolger, born January 10, 1904
Composer, Richard Addinsell, born January 13, 1904
Set Designer, Oliver Messel, born January 13, 1904
Designer, Sir Cecil Beaton, born January 14, 1904
Actor, Cary Grant, born January 18, 1904
Choreographer, George Balanchine, born January 22, 1904
Inimitable Singer/Actress, Elizabeth Welch, born February, 27, 1904
(recently died at 99)
Jimmy Dorsey, born February 29, 1904
Glenn Miller, born March 1, 1904
Great Lyric Tenor, Joseph Schmidt, born March 4, 1904
Actor, Dramatist, Hugh Williams, born March 6, 1904
Actor, George Brent, born March 15, 1904
Playwright, Patrick Hamilton, born March 17, 1904
Actress, Joan Crawford, born March 23, 1904
Great British Actor, Sir John Gielgud, born April 14, 1904
British Actress, Catherine Lacey, born May 6, 1904
Writer/Producer, Val Lewton, born May 7, 1904
Artist, Salvador Dali, born May 11, 1904
Great Japanese Actor, Chishu Ryu, born May 13, 1904
French Actor, Jean Gabin, born May 17, 1904
Jazz Musician, Fats Waller, born May 21, 1904
Actor, Robert Montgomery, born May 21, 1904
Great cinematographer, Gregg Toland, born May 29, 1904
Tenor, Jan Peerce, born June 3, 1904
Composer, Frederick Loewe, born June 10, 1904
Actor, Ralph Bellamy, born June 17, 1904
Conductor/Composer, Manuel Rosenthal, born June 18, 1904 (recently died at
Actor, Peter Lorre, born June 26, 1904
Great Italian Mezzo Soprano, Ebe Stignani, born July 11, 1904 (most say
Writer, Issac Beshivis Singer, born July 14, 1904
Actor, Charles "Buddy" Rogers, born August 13, 1904
Jazz Artist, Count Basie, born August 21, 1904
Writer, Christopher Isherwood, born August 26, 1904
Choreographer, Sir Frederick Ashton, born September 17, 1904
French Actor, Jean Daste, born September 18, 1904
Beloved British Actress, Greer Garson, born September 29, 1904 (she said
Writer, Graham Greene, born October 2, 1904
Playwright, Moss Hart, born October 24, 1904
Actor, Steven Geray, born November 10. 1904
Director, Jacques Tourneur, born November 12, 1904 (worked with Lewton, born
same year!)
Director, H.C. Potter, born November 13, 1904
Actor/Singer, Dick Powell, born November 14, 1904
Jazz Artist, Coleman Hawkins, born November 21, 1904
Lyric Soprano, Helen Jepson, born November 28, 1904
Actress Kay Johnson, born November 29, 1904
Director, George Stevens, born December 18, 1904
Composer, Dmitri Kabalevsky, born December 30, 1904
Violinist, Nathan Milstein, born December 31, 1904
Other Important Birthdays:

1)  Centennial, Tenor, James Melton, born 1/4/1904
2) 95th Birthday, Great Comedienne, Victor Borge, born 1/3/1909
3) 70th Birthday, Great American Coloratura Mezzo-Soprano, Marilyn Horne,
born 1/16/1934
4) 95th Birthday, Great Bass/Baritone Hans Hotter, born 1/19/1909

1) 85th Birthday, Soprano, Lisa della Casa, born 2/2/1919
2) 70th Birthday, Dutch Lyric Soprano, Elly Ameling, born 2/8/1934
3) 130th Birthday, Lyric Soprano, Mary Garden, born 2/20/1874
4) 70th Birthday, Italian Soprano, Renata Scotto born 2/24/1934

1) 50th Birthday, Great Mezzo-Soprano, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, born
2) 60th Birthday, American Mezzo-Soprano, Florence Quivar, born 3/3/1944
3) Centennial, Great Lyric Tenor, Joseph Schmidt, born 3/4/1904
4) 75th Birthday, Esteemed Conductor, Bernard Haitink, born 3/4/1929
5) 80th Birthday, Impresario/Conductor, Sarah Caldwell, born 3/6/1924
6) 60th Birthday, Beloved Lyric Soprano, Kiri Te Kanawa, born 3/6/1944
7) 75th Birthday, Italian Soprano, Antonietta Stella, born 3/15/1929
8) 70th Birthday, Spanish Mezzo-Soprano, Teresa Berganza, born 3/16/1934
9) 60th Birthday, Czech Dramatic Soprano, Gabriela Benachakova, born
10) 120th Birthday, Great German Pianist, Wilhelm Backhaus, born 3/26/1884

1) 75th Birthday, Composer/Conductor/Pianist, Sir Andre Previn, born
2) 60th Birthday, Mezzo-Soprano, Felicity Palmer, born 4/6/1944
3) 75th Birthday, Baritone, Walter Berry, born 4/8/1929
4) 80th Birthday, Conductor, Sir Neville Marriner, born 4/15/1924
5) 125th Birthday, Conductor Sir Thomas Beecham, born 4/29/1879

1) Centennial of death, Composer, Antonin Dvorak, died 5/1/1904
2) 90th Birthday, Great Italian Conductor, Carlo Maria Giulini, born
3) 90th Birthday, Lyric Tenor, Richard Lewis, born 5/10/1914
4) 80th Birthday, Bass, Gabriel Bacquier, born 5/17/1924
5) 90th Birthday, Great Bulgarian Bass, Boris Christoff, born 5/18/1914
6) 95th Birthday, Great German Bass, Erich Kunz, born 5/20/1909
7) 75th Birthday, Great American Lyric Coloratura Soprano, Beverly Sills,
born 5/25/1929
8) 85th Birthday, Superlative Bass/Baritone, George London, born 5/30/1919

1) Bicentennial of Composer, Mikhail Glinka, born 6/1/1804
2) 70th Birthday, Pianist, Philippe Entremont, born 6/6/1934
3) Centennial of Composer, Frederick Loewe, born 6/10/1904
4) 120th Birthday of Great Lyric Tenor, John McCormack, born 6/14/1884
5) 150th Birthday of Composer, Alfredo Catalani, born 6/19/1854
6) 90th Birthday, Tenor, Wolfgang Windgassen, 6/26/1914
7) 90th Birthday, Great Conductor, Rafael Kubelik, born 6/29/1914

1)  150th Birthday of Composer, Leos Janacek, born 7/3/1854
2)  125th Birthday, Great Keyboard Artist, Wanda Landowska, born 7/5/1879
3)  90th Birthday, Great Hungarian Pianist, Annie Fischer, born 7/5/1914
4)  80th Birthday, Cellist, Janos Starker, born 7/5/1924
5)  85th Birthday, Tenor, Ernst Haefliger, born 7/6/1919
6) 125th Birthday of Composer, Ottorino Respighi, born 7/9/1879
7)  75th Birthday, Great Lyric Baritone, Herman Prey, born 7/11/1929
8)  70th Birthday, Pianist, Van Cliburn, born 7/12/1934
9)  80th Birthday, Italian Tenor, Carlo Bergonzi, born 7/13/1924
10)  90th Birthday, Lyric Soprano, Eleanor Steber, born 7/17/1914
11)  90th Birthday, Dramatic Soprano, Amy Shuard, born 7/19/1914
12)  95th Birthday, Conductor, Gianandrea Gavazenni, born 7/25/1909
13) 130th Birthday, Conductor, Serge Koussevitzky, born 7/26/1874
14) 75th Birthday, Superb Bulgarian Pianist, Alexis Weissenberg, born

1) 75th Birthday, Italian Soprano, Gabriella Tucci, born 8/4/1929
2) 80th Birthday, French Conductor, Georges Pretre, born 8/14/1924
3) Centennial of Soprano, Stella Roman, born 8/23/1904
4) 110th Birthday, Great Conductor, Karl Böhm, born 8/28/1894

1) 150th Birthday of Composer, Englebert Humperdinck, born 9/1/1854
2) 60th Birthday, Conductor, Leonard Slatkin, born 9/1/1944
3) 60th Birthday, English Lyric Baritone, Sir Thomas Allen, born 9/10/1944
4) 75th Birthday, Great Bulgarian Bass, Nicolai Ghiaurov, born 9/13/1929

1)  85th Birthday, Beloved Austrian Lyric Soprano, Irmgard Seefried, born
2) 80th Birthday, Italian Baritone, Rolando Panerai, born 10/17/1924
3) 70th Birthday, Lyric Soprano, Benita Valente, born 10/19/1934 (some say
4) 70th Birthday, Conductor/Recorder, Frans Brüggen, born 10/30/1934

1) 75th Birthday, Italian Baritone, Pierro Cappuccilli, born 11/9/1929
2) 75th Birthday, Mezzo-Soprano, Bellen Amparan, born 11/9/1929
3) 90th Birthday, Great Pianist, Jorge Bolet, born 11/15/1914
4) 70th Birthday, Lyric Soprano, Gianna D'Angelo, born 11/18/1934
5) 60th Birthday, Greek Mezzo-Soprano, Agnes Baltsa, born 11/19/1944
6) 175th Birthday, Composer, Anton Rubinstein, born 11/28/1829

1) 125th Birthday of Composer Rudolf Friml, born 12/7/1879
2) 85th Birthday, Italian Bass/Baritone, Sesto Bruscantini, born 12/10/1919
(recently died)
3) 80th Birthday, Great Polish Violinist, Ida Haendel, born 12/14/1924
4) 70th Birthday, Dramatic Soprano, Raina Kaibavanska, born 12/15/1934
5) Centennial of Great Violinist, Nathan Milstein, born 12/31/1904

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.  We are so lucky
that our lives can still be filled with some of the greatest and most
beautiful music ever written.  Time can still stand still as we are carried
to that special plateau such as with Lorraine Hunt Lieberson's most recent
sublime recital.  Opera can not only enrich our lives, but also change it.

 Best Wishes and Happy New Year,

 Jerry Waldman


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